Liu Kuo-sung – A Retrospective View

13 May -27 May 2005

For the first time in Singapore, key works on paper by Lui Kuo-sung, the pioneer of modern Chinese ink painting, was on show at STPI.

Presented by Hong Kong’s Hanart TZ Gallery, over 60 selected works spanning Liu’s 40 year career was exhibited. Liu holds a firm position in the history of 20th Century Chinese painting for his relentless quest to challenge the Chinese painting tradition and experiment in every way.

The works on show move from the 60s, where he was inspired by the historical moon landing and the issue of spirit and the cosmos, to the 80s where he returned to natural landscapes and since then, to his interpretations of traditional landscape art. The world he creates harmonises past and present, East and West, in a way that enriches our appreciation of all the traditions embodied in his works.