Built to Order: r_drawworld 0 : Videos and Painting by Feng Mengbo

7 October - 28 October 2006

Feng Mengbo is one of China’s leading new media artists, most well known for his work using video games and interactive technology. In these new works, presented for the first time in Singapore, Feng blurs the boundary between computer art and classical work on canvas.

Video games consoled, Interactive CD-ROMs and online games have become an independent category in the field of contemporary art and Feng Mengbo is one of its leading stars. Presented by Hong Kong’s Hanart TZ Gallery and STPI, this is Feng’s first solo show in Singapore. In this new body of work, Feng has created dramatically surreal 3D-effect images using professional computer software and then printed these images onto canvas previously painted with transparent medium. Combining the texture left by the brush and the ink-jet paint, the work looks hand painted at first glance. Some of the works sprawl across nearly 2 metres.

Born in Beijing in 1966, Feng Mengbo graduated from the Graphic Arts Department of the Central Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing. The majority of his work utilises computer games, arousing a great deal of attention from the international art world. Though he received an orthodox art education, Feng believes computer games are also a form of art medium. Feng’s early works, such as My Private Album, are chiefly recordings of sorts. His subsequent works, Taking Mt Doom by Strategy and Q4U, were developed using imagination and game-like elements. These works capture the fast-pace, unrestrained speed and ever-changing space of the electronic world.