Close to Home: Handiwirman Saputra

“When you examine and you look closely, the familiar becomes the strange. That is the difference between seeing and looking.” – Handiwirman Saputra

Born in 1975, Handiwirman Saputra who lives and works in Yogyakarta is co-founder of the Jendela Art Group, arguably Indonesia’s best contemporary art collective. 

Handiwirman Saputra, ‘Ujung Sangkut Sisi Sentuh I #04 / Suspended Forms #04’, 2012

An adept sculptor and painter, he straddles comfortably between two- to three dimensional medium, questioning viewers’ perspectives of seeing the world around them. 

Handiwirman Saputra, ‘Ujung Sangkut Sisi Sentuh I / Suspended Forms’ series, installation view, 2012

In bringing his unusual, instinctive and tactile way of working on this project, Saputra together with STPI workshop team successfully transformed the conventional use of paper exploring its rich physical potential as a medium and object. Through Saputra’s interplay with light, form, textures and colours with paper, this new body of work aspires to evoke beauty and wonder in overlooked, everyday experiences that are taken for granted.

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Exhibitions at STPI

Handiwirman Saputra: Ujung Sangkut Sisi Sangkut/Suspended Forms (2012)
STPI: 10 Years and Counting, Celebrating the Art of Collaboration (2012)


The catalogue ‘Handiwirman Saputra: Ujung Sangkut Sisi Sangkut/Suspended Forms’, was published on the occasion of his solo exhibition with STPI. It contains an essay by Adeline Ooi.

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