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3. Monti Sol Project for Pego da Moura – Impossible Vineyards

Jason Martin‘s vineyard on the south west coast of Portugal was planted in 2009 in a place most winemakers wouldn’t even attempt. After years of caring and enduring many unexpected problems, the vine succeeded with the help of his local partner and award winning winegrower José da Mota Capitão. The 2013 harvest was remarkable. The bespoke magnum bottle was entirely manufactured in Portugal to Martin’s design and each box is exclusive, numbered as an edition of 250. The blend of thirteen different grape varieties have delivered a wine with an impressive complexity and finesse representing the pure essence of Portuguese reds.

Artist name
Jason Martin
Pêgo Da Moura Wine
Red Wine
Edition of 250
39 x 15 x 15 cm (box)
37 x 10 cm (bottle)

For more information, please contact the gallery
at or +65 6336 3663.