About the Artwork
Built into walls, breeze blocks, also known as cinder blocks in architecture, are the skin of a building. Breeze blocks are stacked one upon the other to let the breeze through while casting dappled light into the interior. This modular arrangement forms a permeable barrier between the interior and exterior. The richness and wealth of minimally treated blocks, like these linen surfaces reveals Truth to Materials — a tenet of modern architecture — and its surreptitious conversations with luminosity and shadow.

About the Artist
Genevieve Chua (b. 1984, Singapore) is a painter who works primarily through abstraction. Chua employs a method of working that unfurls and reveals the painter’s process through diagram, palimpsest, syntax and the glitch. While notions of nature and wilderness persist across several works, the form taken by her exhibitions – image, text or object – is disrupted through painting.

Chua’s selected solo exhibitions include Twofold, STPI Gallery (2020); Closed During Opening Hours, LASALLE’s Institute of Contemporary Arts Singapore (2019); Vestigials and Halves, Project 7 1/2, Seoul (2017); Rehearsals for the Wilful, Silverlens, Manila (2016); and Parabola, Tomio Koyama Gallery, Singapore (2014). She is the winner of the 2020 IMPART Award (artist category), and was conferred the Young Artist Award (2012) by the National Arts Council, Singapore.

Artist name
Genevieve Chua
Breeze Blocks #12
Acrylic on linen
28 x 19 x 4.5 cm

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