2016 Exhibitions



Zao Wou-Ki: No Boundaries
An STPI Annual Special Exhibition
7 July – 27 August 2016

Zao Wou-Ki, Untitled for Les compagnons dans le jardin by René Char. Image © Zao Wou-Ki ProLitteris, Zurich, 2016.

STPI is pleased to present "Zao Wou-Ki: No Boundaries" as our 2016 programme highlight. On loan from a private collection, this exhibition will feature a selection of lithographs, ink works, watercolors and paintings that highlight the abstract painter's ceaseless creativity and ability in renewing his art through various mediums. The retrospective focus on l'oeuvre gravé reveals a lesser-known side of the revered French-Chinese painter as one who had mastery over prints, drawing attention to the importance and relevance of printmaking practice in his development and expression as an artist. Alongside these, his ink works, watercolors and paintings will showcase his strength and versatility as an artist who straddled two traditions to produce seminal works of great art historical significance and value. Zao Wou-Ki (b. 1920-2013) is regarded as one of the foremost Chinese contemporary artists of the 20th century, his career spanning nearly seven decades; his paintings, a legacy that unites the cultures and aesthetic visions of France and China on a painterly surface, shaping avant-garde art in postwar Europe. As he once said, "Everybody is bound by tradition. I am bound by two."

The annual STPI Open House will be held on 6 & 7 August this year.

Shinro Ohtake: Solo Exhibition
Supported by Friends of STPI
25 Sep – 5 Nov 2016

Shinro Ohtake, Figure and squares, 2015.
Produced at STPI © STPI/Shinro Ohtake

While Shinro Ohtake's wide oeuvre encompasses painting, sculpture, photography, large-scale assemblage pieces, and experimental music and videos, it is his collage of found objects, images and scraps from discarded urban culture and mass media that is most characteristic of his artistic expression. Ohtake's employment of print methods and materials at STPI defied convention, translating this visual language into exceptional works including a full scrapbook and large-scale paper pulp paintings that echo recurring motifs of forest/nature, scrapbooks/daily life and neon colours. The artist is best known for his ongoing series of Scrapbooks which he gan in 1977 and has to date completed more than sixty. With some over 700 pages, they speak of memories and archeology through assemblage of objects that are as much sculpture, as they are artifacts. An extensive presentation o this Scrapbooks was shown at the 2013 Venice Biennale, as part of the "Encyclopaedic Palace." His work is in numerous public and private collections including the Hara Museum of Contemporary Art, Tokyo; Benesse House, Naoshima; Museum of Modern Art, New York; and the Victoria & Albert Museum, London. In 2010, Ohtake completed a site-specific commission for Benesse Art Site Naoshima titled the Naoshima Bath.