Eric Chan

Born in 1975, Malaysia, Eric Chan is best known for his oil paintings which depict diffused close-up views of interiors and nature. He first trained at La-Salle SIA College of the Arts Singapore and subsequently obtained both his BFA and MFA from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology with distinctions. Chan won the Philip Morris Juror’s Choice Award at the Singapore Arts Awards in 2002. He lives and works in Malaysia and Singapore.

Chan is one of the five artists involved in the first installation of the BMW Young Asian Artist Series. In October 2005, Eric brought in personal photographs from a recent trip to Istanbul, Turkey, as the basis for his prints when he initiated this project. Chan skillfully fused his painting and photographic techniques into a series of etchings exploring light and shadow. The pictures of streets and interiors in Istanbul, while resembling conventional negatives of black and white photographs, are enhanced with flocking to add visual depth and a three-dimensional quality. Chan’s manipulation of the surface of his prints creates an ambiguity in perception – and effect that his paintings are known for.

The BMW Young Asian Artist Series 2007 represents the successful partnership between corporate sponsor BMW Asia and Singapore Tyler Print Institute (STPI), with the aim of providing young and emerging artists to explore the artistic potential of print.

Under this series, 5 artists from Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand, each proficient in different disciplines, were invited to create 4 new works at STPI within a challenging 2-week time frame. Working in close collaboration with chief printer Eitaro Ogawa and his team of printers, the artists made use of all the printmaking techniques at their disposal, resulting in 21 works diverse in content and technique.