Donald Sultan

In March 2002, STPI launched its unique collaborative print publishing programme, known as the Visiting Artists Programme (VAP), with an intensive three-week residency by the internationally acclaimed American contemporary artist, Donald Sultan.

Collaborating with STPI founder, master printer and foremost 20th century American print publisher, Kenneth E. Tyler, Donald Sultan continued the exploration of his Flowers and Oranges on a Branch paintings in the print medium. Together, Tyler and Sultan sought to combine the individual techniques and methods both are famous for, and merge them into what would ultimately become a portfolio of fifteen limited print editions.

Contrasting his notoriously large, ‘industrial’ assemblage paintings, Sultan’s collaboration with STPI delivered a portfolio of prints which display a sensitivity defined by the materials and techniques used: shaped handmade paper layered with coloured paper pulp and delicate overlays of litho ink; jigsaw-cut woodblocks create embossed relief areas, fitting together like pieces of a puzzle; elegant flocked ‘drippings’ are paired with etched flat oranges, creating a monochromatic harmony of positive and negative spaces.