Do Ho Suh

Do Ho Suh's works are characterised by a transnational dilemma of home and belonging, and a reflection upon malleable spaces, memory and the boundaries of identity – exploring in particular the relations between individuality, collectivity and anonymity. While most of his works are personal contemplations and largely autobiographical – his sublime architectural compositions of past homes and studios address universal journeys and experiences, prompting viewers to reflect on stories that define their own real and imagined lives.

In his second residency, Suh further developed his repertoire of thread drawings, building upon his discovery of fusing fabric sculptures with sketches of figures and architectural elements on paper pulp from his first residency (2010). His heightened understanding of both process and material has led to a series of compelling visuals, revealing silhouettes of overlapping figures, houses or hovering names that convey spaces and people that have left an impression on the artist. Themes of memory, identity and a longing for home are aggrandised in the pastel Rubbings series, where Suh creates tactile imprints of objects found in the STPI artist studio through frottage, capturing actual physical dimensions and textural characteristics. Just as the home is evidence of life and time, these items record traces of human presence and hidden stories, preserving Suh's experience of living within the space.

From intimate lithographs to denser, more texturally complex and colourful thread drawings, from his rubbings and three-dimensional specimens, Suh has come full circle in the execution of these artworks, producing pieces with print and paper processes that best exemplify concepts previously largely explored in the three-dimensional realm.

Do Ho Suh lives and works in London, New York and Seoul, and is represented by Lehmann Maupin, New York/Hong Kong and Victoria Miro, London.