Brent Harris

Though Harris is most well known as a painter, it was the sensitivity of his printmaking that attracted the Institute, which looks for artists who want to experiment, explore and challenge.

These new sensual and arresting works were created over a four week period in late 2004, during an inspired residency at STPI. During his time in Singapore, Harris introduced hot, acid colours and experimented with different surfaces such as flocking and metallic leaf, to create these fluid and organic images which breathe emotional intensity.

In essence Harris explores the human condition, through his own emotional experiences. It is this, through the particular curve of a line, or amorphous shape that makes his work both disturbing and fascinating.

Harris is the first Australian artist to be invited onto STPI’s Visiting Artists Programme (VAP) and this is his first exhibition in South East Asia. He has a growing reputation amongst Australia’s most talented artists working today. He has exhibited extensively throughout Australia, including the Art Gallery of New South Wales, and internationally in New Zealand and Japan.